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This is a mini slide show of some of my work,
including images of recommitment ceremony with my husband,
Steve, and our daughter, Anna, under our magnificent Stone Dolmen
This may take a moment to load - Thank you for waiting.
Hope you enjoy the music by Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel
(Over the Rainbow from album, A Moment's Peace)
Grief Music

Grief Is More Than Crying
Gold Medal Award-Winner, National Educational Media Network
This award-winning documentary is produced and directed by
Lois Shelton of Foxglove Films. Now available in DVD format.

When Molly Greist lost her infant son,
Peter, in a tragic car accident she faced a clear choice -
to remain devastated or to go on.This is the real-life story
of how one woman used a hammer and a chisel to literally
chip her way through her pain and discover her own inner truth.
"A gem of a film not simply about grief but all of life,
including love, family, and the genesis of great art-
even the genesis of life from stones. It is a must for anyone."

M. Scott Peck, MD, author of "The Road Less Traveled"

Helping Hands

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Molly Greist/stone sculptor
(206) 842-8599